John W. Mahelona

Officer John W. Mahelona

Assignment: Liliha Beat, District 5

Date of Birth: Possibly 1850-1855

Appointment Date: Possibly 1899

End of Watch: November 19, 1903

Officer John Mahelona, while patrolling Liliha St. near Vineyard Blvd., was notified of a theft that had just occurred.

The suspect was observed standing behind a tree and bushes and was positively identified to Officer Mahelona by a witness. The suspect was apprehended with possible stolen property in his possession.

Officer Mahelona escorted the suspect toward Kings St. to a police call box to report the arrest. Once at the call box, the suspect told Officer Mahelona that he had left a bag with chickens a couple of blocks up the road on Liliha St, and offered to show Officer Mahelona the location.

Officer Mahelona, interested in recovering possibly stolen property, left with the suspect to the mentioned location. The suspect led Officer Mahelona a short distance around a building. Once secluded the suspect drew a firearm and shot Officer Mahelona.

Officer Mahelona died from his injuries at the scene.